Swamiji signed the Golden Book at Bonn.

Swamiji Supporting the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Peace Process

Swami Agnivesh's affidavit.
Chhattisgarh villages torched in police rampage

Maoists release five abducted cops in Chhattisgarh

The Dantewada Syndrome. And a Chance for Peace

Swami Agnivesh's Letter to Sonia Gandhi informing her about the

Peace March From Raipur to Dantewada.

Report of Peace and Justice March -Raipur to Dantewada

Home Minister's Letter to Swami Agnivesh 

Azad's letter to SwamiAgnivesh

Swami Agnivesh's letter to Azad 

Swami Agnivesh's Letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh demanding -

Judicial probe into the killing of Azad.

Swami Agnivesh's Letter to Sonia Gandhi demanding -

Judicial probe into the killing of Azad.

Swami Agnivesh lettert to Central Committee Leadership,

Communist Party of India (Maoist)'s


A Living Legend in the World of Justice;97 year old V.R.Krishna Iyer's Statement.

Geneva Trip of Swami Ji


Swami Agnivesh is churning up a quiet revolution, this time on television, says NISHITA JHA

Stricken Swami

Editorial from Greater Kashmir 


  Press Release for ″ Khap Pacnhayat ″

Swami ji Participate in the Cenetenary Celebration of AryaSamaj in Mauritius on 18th April 2010


Religious Leadership
 in Response to HIV 
A Summit of High Level Religious Leaders (New)

The Man Who Stole Their Fire

Vienna Trip of Swami Ji      

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Interview of Swami Agnivesh

"BMM and Saharia Bonded Labourers"

News Clip          Vichaar Manthan   

Current Devlopments


Maila Mukti Yatra

Book of Swami Ji (Applied Spirituality )

Summit of Religious Leaders in Rome

Delhi hikes minimum wages by 33%

Swami's fiery interfaith message

The Importance of Co-existence

Its Reality and its Future




BLLF was established by Swami Agnivesh in 1981 to fight this pervasive form of slavery...........



Swami Agnivesh is a Founder of this organisation ...........



BLLF has been also actively engaged in vigorous campaigns to eliminate of all forms of gender discrimination...........



Several books has been published by Swami Agnivesh ...........



Recently honoured by Right Livelihood Award 2004 (Alternative Nobel Prize) .........



This is your chance to join the struggle against slavery ...........

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